Justice League Dark teleports to the DC Universe Online test server


The DC Universe tells tales of gods among men and larger than life superheroes, but what about the arcane? What about those who work in the shadows? What about when those shadows seek to destroy Gotham? That’s where Justice League Dark comes in. Of course, the JLD grouped many of different magic wielders over the years, but all have had a strong connection to the mystic arts. DC Universe Online introduces a JLD featuring some of the most anti-hero of all anti-heroes: Dr. Fate, Zatanna, and of course, Constantine to name a few.

In the livestream, Community Manager Ted “Mepps” Stone and Creative Director SJ “Nerd of Prey” Mueller show us the rip in the sky above Gotham City which is a huge part of the new open-world missions. Your job as a hero or villain is to find Dr. Fate or Felix Faust and aid him in tipping the scale toward order or chaos. Also in the Oblivion Bar, you can help Zatanna and Constantine chase down a “big time deal” in the JLD: Pub Crawl Duo.

If you’re looking to take part in a new Alert, Episode 34 offers JLD: Darkness Rising, featuring Constantine again. This time he invites himself into the ARGUS Black Room and asks for your assistance in taking down a daemonic attack on Gotham.

Then to cap the adventures off, Episode 34 offers two Raids (standard and elite versions). The first is Fellowship of the Arcane, an epic battle to take down man-child Klarion and the magic he unleashed on Gotham. The second is Shattered Gotham. It’s an all-out war against the daemonic invasion of Gotham City. The only thing standing between the city and daemon horde is you — and your friends, of course.

The full livestream with an in-depth look at the new costumes and artifacts can be found below. But if you want to see it for yourself, Daybreak launched this new episode on the public test server this weekend. Of course, the developers want you to try it out before it hops to the live servers on March 28th.

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Azorian Gaming

I really enjoyed when I use to play this game a long time ago, I hopped in to see if i could get back into the game but I struggled with how out-dated it felt after playing eso and bdo, I think it might be time for dcuo to hang up it’s gloves to a new dcuo game.

Fenrir Wolf

What of Man-bat and Detective Chimp, I wonder? Their sardonic, dry humour really made the recent comic series worthwhile. Two of my most beloved DC misfits, there.

Though I get the distinct feeling that given the rampant cancellations of the likes of Blue Beetle, China’s Justice League, America’s Justice League, and even Hellblazer that my tastes don’t represent the majority.

I am pleased that they kept the JLC running for as long as they did, though. So sad to see it go.

So I doubt my favourites will be present, which is all for the best as I don’t need to feel tempted to play DC Universe Online.


I used to play DCUO regularly, enjoyed it for two separate spells, and always read any related articles MOP writes, but I can’t help but note the utter lack of any comments in these articles. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I saw a DCUO article and a comment in the accompanying comment section (positive or negative). Not saying MOP should stop covering DCUO or anything, just sad that a decent game doesn’t have an audience here.


I check as well (for all of the hero games) but really didn’t find DCUO all that decent. I’d love some sort of drastic change to it to make it worth re-trying to me but I haven’t seen that yet. It’s always felt like a crappy console-to-PC port.


They have a ocean of content to pool from, but they give us this ultra restricted game, clearly based on the Titans cartoon, with a nod to the movies here and there, and of course the usual obsession with Superman.

The game could be called Titans Go ft. Superman and the Justice League.

I get more of a DC feel from Injustice.

Somehow they do less with one of the biggest brands for superheroes than others do with generic superhero brand games.