Defiance 2050 celebrates Armistice Day once again

Defying logic...

Ah, Armistice Day, the special date in the lore of Defiance 2050 when humans and aliens stopped shooting at one another. To celebrate this, the game encourages you to head out and… shoot at aliens. Also humans. It’s a shooter; perhaps this is just the way things are supposed to be. But you can get new stuff for shooting all of these people, so while it might feel a little off-brand in lore terms, it’s at least rewarding.

Players who celebrate the event will be seeing a variety of returning events as well as gaining access to a new Cyber Rig and Caustic Fury Supply Crates, along with the returning Armistice Bargain Box for sale during the weekends. If you’re interested in any of these rewards, you’ve got a little time to pick things up, as Armistice Day will remain active until April 8th. Which is a bit more than a day, but at this point we may as well not quibble.

In the slightly gloomier category, it’s probably a good time to point out that the game has had little in the way of updates following the Gamigo acquisition, with the most notable updates being the promise of the Engineer and the departure of the game’s community manager (followed by two new community managers).


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Cory Knowles

A good portion of the information in this article is slightly incorrect:

– Armistice is only live in the original Defiance game, not 2050.
– The new rewards listed are specifically for the original Defiance game, not 2050.
– Since Gamigo took over the game there have been atleast two game updates to 2050. One in December (Holiday event, new rewards, bug fixes) and then a big one roughly around valentines day (Introduced the Synergy System which is a big meaty progression system, reworked dailies, Valentines day event, new rewards, bug fixes)


So this game is pretty much defiance right? Should we even refer to it as the rebranding trion used as an excuse to wipe away progress/cash shop purchases?


Yep. They tried to give it the TSW > SWL treament and failed horribly.

Jack Tyme

What a shame, OS Defiance was lit back in the day.

Bruno Brito

And once again, it’ll be a failure.


If only this game could’ve had a proper sequel instead of the 2050 garbage that’s an attempt to just resell the game to the diehard remnants of Defiance.

It still has some good elements that are lacking in Division 2/Destiny 2/Anthem/etc., but the bad/outdated elements just aren’t enough to really make it a recommended game imo. Unless someone’s unable to afford one of the better loot shooters.

Anton Mochalin

I played a bit of Defiance and a bit of The Division and liked Defiance more. And I wouldn’t call Anthem a better looter shooter when compared to any other game. Oh wait maybe it’s a better looter shooter than Minesweeper.