Final Fantasy XIV updates its official preview site for the release of patch 4.56

You seem trustworthy!

The hour fast approaches to conclude the Stormblood story and lead into Shadowbringers in Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately for fans eagerly awaiting this conclusion, that hour does not arrive this week; however, we’ve already got the final fan festival to look forward to this week, and there’s a preview of the patch 4.56 conclusion of the main scenario questline available today. The crisis on the Ala Mhigan border is not subsiding, but the mysterious voice we’ve heard before continues to beckon into the shadows, and at some point we must needs address its demands to throw wide the gates…

But why focus on that while there’s more Hildibrand storyline to explore? Yes, the comical investigator’s storyline will also reach its conclusion in this patch, along with an overarching storyline tying together the beast tribes befriended over the course of the expansion. That means Ananta, Namazu, and Kojin in one place, yes yes. Check out the previews on the official site and get ready for the patch itself to arrive next Tuesday, in all likelihood.

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0:47 – when Arthas invades Eorzea!

And if that sniper’s anything like mine from Xcom2, well, nobody has anything to worry about even at 95% chance to hit….

Dagget Burmese

I wonder if you will need to be max rank with all 3 Beast Tribes to proceed on the new Beast tribe content?

Vincent Clark

If they follow the same pattern as previously, then yes. At least, that is what I remember of the Heavesward joint beast tribe quests.