ArcheAge’s ‘Story of Hiram’ update to Relics of Hiram brings new stories, dungeons, and dragon weapons today


It might be spring today, but ArcheAge is getting downright frosty. The sandbox MMO sent players to the Western Hiram Mountains with this week’s content update, and the only way that they’re coming down is with a cold and an owlina mount.

This partner patch to November’s Relics of Hiram update has a lot to unpack in its offerings, including a new storyline, a Fall of Hiram City raid, a five-player Noryette dungeon challenge, and the Red Dragon’s Keep with plenty of dragon everything to keep you occupied. This even includes some spiffy dragon weapons for epeen bragging rights.

“Long time ago the inhabitants of the Hiram have hidden in the Hiram Cave to protect themselves from the danger waiting outside,” the team posted. “Just recently they opened the entrance to their cave reaching out for the help of the Crimson Watch. The player is sent to aid them and gets to know the whole story that lies behind the people of the Hiram.”

Source: Patch notes

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Bruno Brito



RIP Archeage Alpha. You are sorely missed.


Yes its Alpha was great. I may check it up in a couple months to see if its under better management with Gamigo


Since AFAIK it’s pretty much only bots playing anymore, how does this affect THEM?