Black Desert Online changes node war mechanics and encourages collecting cherry blossoms

Wow, that's almost like a real smile.

The spring has arrived in Black Desert Online, and that means it’s time for the traditional celebration of spring in the form of fighting over territory. The latest patch to the game has produced a new set of rules for the game’s Node Wars, splitting nodes into varying tiers to encourage smaller guilds to fight out over the lesser points of interest. Tax ratios have also been changed, which should also alter the desirability of holding these points for players.

Those of you not interested in fighting over nodes can instead fight it out over cherry blossoms with the new Blooming Blossoms event; players can collect blossoms every hour (max of five per day), and you can also plant yourself a cherry tree or just grab a nice box of items in exchange. It’s a pretty lovely celebration for spring, especially if you’re a big fan of the winds-blowing-blossoms look.

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