Outlaws of the Old West drops bugfix patch and wipe while explaining how to rustle up your grub

Outand aboutlaws.

When Outlaws of the Old West describes itself as being in early access, it means early access. That’s why it has patches like the most recent one, which fixes a number of bugs and issues like making crouching actually quieter in terms of movement. It also changed several lighting effects, fixed issues with tools damaging interior structures, fixed issues with the cooking queue… it’s not every issue in the game that’s been fixed, but it’s the sort of fix list that can only come from having lots of new people in your game and locating bugs.

Speaking of cooking, you are probably going to need to eat something in the game, and the setting does not allow you to simply nip down to the nearest Food Lion to pick up some pre-made chicken. You’ll perhaps want to watch the video just below, which gives a primer on getting yourself fed and hydrated while surviving in the Old West. Hey, riding around with your six-shooter is all well and good, but you can’t drink guns.

We took a peek at the in-development MMO early this month, finding it full of potential but lacking in social tools. Since then, the whole game’s been wiped, so we, like you, will be starting over our next trip in there.

Source: Steam, YouTube