Survived By passes away on April 19

Perhaps not.

Sad news for fans of Survived By today, as the game has announced that it is ending development and planning for a full shutdown on April 19th, 2019. The official post explains that while there was a great deal of enthusiasm among the development team, an evaluation of what the game had managed to accomplish made it clear that it was not going to meet that original vision for development. All real-money purchases have been disabled for the game, and fans can expect full refunds on the items and packs purchased.

Survived By has been in some form of public testing since 2017, with the game rolling out Early Access in December of last year. The game was meant as a retro-inspired permadeath survival game with a strong dose of bullet hell, so players were expected to die a lot while unlocking new toys over time. Our condolences to the developers and fans affected by the shutdown.

If you’re curious about what we’re losing, our own Chris took the game for a hands-on spin and actually walked away with a very positive impression. This is the second in-development title that Digital Extremes has shuttered, as 2017 saw the shutdown of The Amazing Eternals.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Brian for the tip!
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No surprise there. Survived By was interesting, but compared to its closest comparison, Realm of the Mad God, it just didn’t have any real draw to it. The sprites/etc. were good quality but the feel of it all wasn’t very good, imo, and it was difficult to tell where to go or what to do after a point, especially because the methods of travel and getting around the game world were pretty nonintuitive (run around on a road to move faster, go off the path to unlock shrines to teleport to).

Crafting was also kind of a mess; you’d have to craft enough items in a tier to advance up to the next one Iirc? And the materials required doing higher tiers of content and sometimes you’d have to go down a tier to craft components for higher tier stuff…

To me the whole thing just didn’t feel very cohesive or intuitive. It had some neat ideas but at the end of the day it didn’t have a clear path or identity beyond “it’s like Realm of the Mad God except not, and here’s the different things we have in place to make it feel different”. Pacing felt too slow and progression felt convoluted.

Sucks that they couldn’t figure out a good formula to make it work, but I’m really not surprised at all that this game is being shuttered.

Hikari Kenzaki

Huh. The automatic refunds are probably the ‘best’ way for DE to go, but I honestly don’t care to get my money back. I spent a small amount to play on the stream above with the class I wanted and I’m fine with that.


Since it’s DE and the amounts of money spent weren’t probably that high, they can afford the refunds. There just wasn’t that much being spent on it.

Though I didn’t expect to get my money back, I also won’t refuse it or anything. I’m sad to see it didn’t develop into something more. I liked the game but thought it needed more Dev time to get more stuff into it, and a few things still needed changing so people would have more reasons to spend money on stuff.

I was waiting for the rest of the classes to come out to give me something to play into and some more dungeons and stuff.

It is a bit of a shame. It was a good start it just needed to continue to morph a bit and have additions. They had a good team behind them, especially their forum admin hh_katherine over there at the forums. Very professional and nice, such a great person to deal with.

blahlbinoa .

Saw this coming, I thought it was bad practice to show off most of the classes in their trailer and then when you actually play all the classes you wanted to play are locked behind a pay wall.


Oh well. Maybe next time.

Jack Kerras

I wanted to like this one a lot. I was pleasantly surprised by Realm of the Mad God when it came out and found myself returning several times over – it never overtook other games as my main, but I always popped back in now and then.

Survived By just never hit the right feel for me. It always felt just a little less good, just a little less compelling. :/

Sorry, Survived By team. It’s a shame when any game goes. Best of luck in future endeavors.


Compared to RotMG I think the issue is that everything felt like a slow crawl/drag. It was like “when do I get to the fun part?” compared to RotMG where you get thrown into chaos pretty quickly.

Not to mention RotMG sessions are fit for short (20-30min) periods of digestion. I remember playing around with it before classes at college because I could hop in, have some chaotic fun, and hop right out with some sense of progression (or frustration that I died and lost my progress, lol).

Survived By though didn’t have that. I’d play for an hour or two and feel like I was barely getting anywhere. It just felt too slow and drawn out compared to RotMG, and I rarely even saw other players around me as well.


Also one big part of RotMG was being able to join any other player you saw on the map at any point. So you could get into the action immediately, and if you were feeling especially risky you could join players who were fighting top-level content to try and level up faster and maybe pick up higher end loot.

Jack Kerras

I basically agree with everything you said here.

I didn’t play a whole lot of Survived By because I just couldn’t find the fun in it… and I don’t think the developers could either, because that sensation never changed throughout the alpha or when I logged in not all that long ago.

As a quick surprise thing, RotMG was great. I was stunned by how much I liked this weird, random thing I ran across, just… a quick little piece of game-jam output, but it grew into something special and it was never -not fun-.

Survived By wasn’t fun. :/

Also, yeah, the flexibility and the short leveling curve were huge bonuses for me; being able to recoup losses in terms of leveling easily instead of spend hours getting a character up to snuff, etc., and Survived By seemed to go hard on the traditional MMO ideal of long leveling spans. Not my favorite.

Ah, well.

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I was just about to delete this from my hard drive today. Nothing was lost – there was no reason to play this game over other games.