Survived By passes away on April 19

Perhaps not.

Sad news for fans of Survived By today, as the game has announced that it is ending development and planning for a full shutdown on April 19th, 2019. The official post explains that while there was a great deal of enthusiasm among the development team, an evaluation of what the game had managed to accomplish made it clear that it was not going to meet that original vision for development. All real-money purchases have been disabled for the game, and fans can expect full refunds on the items and packs purchased.

Survived By has been in some form of public testing since 2017, with the game rolling out Early Access in December of last year. The game was meant as a retro-inspired permadeath survival game with a strong dose of bullet hell, so players were expected to die a lot while unlocking new toys over time. Our condolences to the developers and fans affected by the shutdown.

If you’re curious about what we’re losing, our own Chris took the game for a hands-on spin and actually walked away with a very positive impression. This is the second in-development title that Digital Extremes has shuttered, as 2017 saw the shutdown of The Amazing Eternals.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Brian for the tip!
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