Albion Online lays out its future roadmap with hideouts, hotspots, and customization

All right, then.

The Oberon update landed in Albion Online yesterday, along with news that the game is going free-to-play in just a few short weeks, but we’re willing to bet money that no one has really cleared enough content in that update to say that they’re done with it. It just got here, after all. But the developers are already on the path to figuring out the next steps in the game’s development, as explained in the new development roadmap on the official site.

To start with, there’s apparently a need to encourage more presence for smaller guilds in the Outlands, which has led to the upcoming Hideout system.¬†Hideouts allow for the establishment of underground bases for your guild, and while they can still be attacked and removed, there are limited windows to do so and not much in the way of incentives, thus discouraging larger guilds from just attacking smaller ones.

Sandbox Interactive is also looking into improving the various PvP hotspots that currently exist in the game, giving players even more reason to get pulled from place to place and take part in open-world activities rather than just holing up away from others.

Add to that new customization features like altering your character’s look after creation and introducing proper gear customization systems and players will have plenty to look forward to within the expansive list of the roadmap.

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