Anthem promises more loot changes and no more Forge loading screen in next week’s update

Hooray, no shouting LFG for hours, that's enticing.

If you missed Anthem’s developer livestream yesterday, you’ll be forgiven; it’s hard to find in between every dang site’s constant barrage of Stadia news. Ahem. Anyway, it had a few tidbits worth noting!

According to transcripts of the stream, BioWare is planning to roll out patch 1.0.4 next week if all goes well. It’ll include fixes for several irritating bugs, including the HP bug and pilot data error bug; remove the Forge loading screen; buff javelins; tweak salvaging and inventory sorting; add random daily legendary missions; and of course, edit loot once again.

As for the more distant update roadmap, BoWare says it’s not releasing any new javelins in the near future, but it’s working on player communication, scaling, achievements, the stat screen, and luck.

Source: Reddit

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I’ve decided I am going to downgrade my Javelins back to epic gear because the drop rates and stats on masterwork & Legendary is so screwed up (same 5 guns keep dropping over and over again / no balance what so ever between the stats on masterwork Javelins) plus the scaling in the GM grade difficulties is so buggy that I will have a cakewalk one mission run & then get one shotted the next (same mission / same difficulty).

So I gonna down gear myself and go back to running “Hard” in purple gear, as that was such a better gameplay experience.


Interesting idea. I’m going to fiddle with it as we say and see which works best for me.

I’ve been lucky so far, but not extremely lucky. I’m getting a variety of Masterworks stuff, but none of it is usable with my spec. I’ve also gotten a few legendaries but I still can’t get the ones I really want.

Loot is better now than it was, and it sounds like it will get better still. But more work needed on scaling and drop rates.

I don’t know if you read about Apex bosses, but these difficult bosses will be introduced soon and will have guaranteed Legendary drops.

Matt Comstock

I would have been happy with no more load screens for the forge. But, they are making a lot of additional improvements. :) Looking forward to the legendary missions, seems like you only get 1 of 6 per day, but can replay it to your heart’s content.

Happy, yet worried about elysian caches. They say it appears after a stronghold boss. If it is the end boss, I rarely have time do do anything before the mission ends and loads us to the victory screen. Makes me worried we won’t have time to open the Elysian Cache… we’ll see how it plays out.

Bullet Teeth

Seeing how I’m being bombarded with “Division 2 AVAILABLE NOW!” adverts is pretty much the PERFECT irony to this game’s existence.

What a time to be alive…


There is a great base game to build upon here. Looking forward to picking this up for $20 about 12-16 months from now when it’s been polished and there is much more content to play. It would be my first EA game since 2011 if I did buy it.

Jeremy Barnes

Are legendaries better than common items yet?

Dug From The Earth

and I simply just dont care anymore.

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Anthem said something about loot changes? Time to set my watch.