PlanetSide 2 celebrates 20 years of EverQuest with a new objective line

This is wholly appropriate

Just because the big milestone anniversary this year is for EverQuest and not PlanetSide 2 doesn’t mean that the latter title needs to be left out of the celebration. A new objective line has been added to the shooter giving players a chance to scour the face of the planet looking for collectible “shinies” scattered hither and yon. Pick them up, and you’ll learn more about the history of the venerable MMO as it moves into its 20th year.

Completing this track ultimately allows players to unlock the Nightshade Dagger, a corrosive melee weapon that can shred through heavy armor as needed. So you run around for a history lesson and you get a fun new shanking tool along the way; that seems like a fun option for celebrating the history of EverQuest if you’re not interested in actually diving headlong into the game itself.


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Feyd Darkholme

I did the EQ anniversary stuff last night on my main and it’s not too bad to at least get to the first iteration of the knife. The subsequent ones are probably going to be much harder to get though. The way they have it set up, it’s kind of an either/or with the goals to get to the next tier. IIRC it’s either find X/X number of lore items, which are glowy yellow things on the ground that are pretty easy to see that you simply press E to interact with, OR you perform some task such as revive XX number of people, kill XX number of people with grenades, etc… The fourth tier things become quite a bit more difficult as they ask you to get 50 kills with your EQ knife, which is no small feat. The knife itself is pretty cool looking and easy to get though so it’s worth at least getting the first tier one.

So far I’ve only tried the new TR carbine and it’s a headhunter for sure, but the point of aim and bullet drop takes some getting used to.

Disappointed to not hear about DX11 yet though.


Fairly simple to do the EQ stuff.

Also new carbines, NC MAX and main battle tank health/damage rework.

Still no confirmed DX11 and 4th faction date though.

Dankey Kang

Yeah it’s a tiny bit dissapointing but the NC MAX nerfs were way overdue. It’s also funny seeing people knife tanks to death faster than a Rocket Launcher can destroy them with the new knife.

Most people are hyped for DX11 and the 4th faction but for me, the spawn changes will be the real game changer. The current spawn system is so bad and frustrating for new and old players alike.