Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box event returns next week


It’s finally happening! Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box mode will return next week on March 28th through April 18th, bringing 8bit jumping puzzles back for another go-round of April Fools’ farming. Did we say farming? We meant festivities.

“Adventurers will enjoy the return of bouncing mushrooms, exploding flowers, and clouds with attitude, as well as the chance to race against Gourdon the Racing Choya in a new adventure. […] In the festival, you will also find: Secret shops, Bee Dogs, Pits of spikes where you least expect them (in Tribulation Mode, that is!), [and] so many baubles, which are the primary currency for Super Adventure rewards.”

Naturally, there’s a “marathon training montage” video to get you in the mood. Reddit is… let’s call it “grumpy” over said trailer, the teased choya tonic, and the apparent lack of a new world in the mode.

Source: Official site, press release
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Bruno Brito

Don’t ever expect seeing new stuff now that Josh is out.

Riccardo Tavano

Meh, seems another SAB return with no new meaningful content :/
Too bad…really enjoyed it in the past…will probably just do the yearly achies and call it a day.

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I’m pretty apathetic about SAB, but I found myself enjoying that trailer.