Path of Exile is already mapping out big buffs and changes for Synthesis League

Balance that mine.

Path of Exile is patch city right about now. This week, Grinding Gear Games rolled out 3.6.2, with dozens of bug fixes, of course, but what’s got the community excited – and what made MJ come into team chat this morning bubbling over – is the Synthesis League changes on deck next.

For starters, GGG says it’s working on monster density problems and pack size bonuses in Nexus Memories (Memories in POE, you’ll recall, are sort of like timed minidungeons). “Currently they do make the packs larger, but also reduce the number of packs available,” the studio says. “After all this is fixed, monster density and rewards from Nexus Memories will be a lot better for large Memories, relatively unchanged for medium Memories and slightly lower for small Memories (which are not found above level 50, so this is a strong monster density buff for end-game players).”

Fractured items are also due for a tweak; they’ll have a chance to drop from all Memories and will drop more frequently from reward chests. Finally, Distant Memories will see a reward buff and players will be able to move Memories.

“Players can now move Memories. At any point where you can place a Memory, you can now select another placed memory and move it and its global mods to this new location. This makes it easier to travel to various locations and means that players will run their memories until their final decay more frequently.”

Source: Patch notes

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I have not rolled a new character yet for this league based solely on the amount of feedback on how unprepared this content has been. Not going through the frustration others are when I have others things I can play.#patientexile

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The changes look like they’ll go a long way in addressing this leagues issues. Almost tempted to give it another go, but I think I’ll continue giving this one a pass.

Which I’m alright with, my aurabot melee summoner dude is pretty beefy and a whole lotta fun to play. Just trying to balance minion damage with survivability so I can still solo (build solo’s surprisingly well!) but make sure I’m not getting one shot. Damnit, and I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t get back into PoE so I could spend more time in other games.