Bounty hunters make a return to Outlaws of the Old West


When it comes to open sandbox games, one’s sense of morality tends to skew just a wee bit, especially if it means survival. Players of Outlaws of the Old West will now have to keep those urges in check, however, with the return of bounty hunters in the game’s most recent patch.

Patch 1.0.8 is mostly about a variety of tweaks to code, VFX, and audio as evidenced by the latest patch notes, but the update also brings bounty hunters in to the game. These NPCs will actively hunt down players whose morality level dips too low. Also, they have a bear, so that seems like a pretty strong deterrent.

The devs have also offered a word regarding the rise in hacking reports. While specifics on what’s being done weren’t offered, it is a matter that the team is taking very seriously, and those who see instances of hacking are asked to email a report so the devs can better focus their efforts.

Finally, there’s a short video detailing some of the cooking and food storage implements that are in Outlaws. You can check that out below.

sources: Steam page (1, 2), YouTube
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Same as below. Love/hate. Seeing a pretty steady stream of updates is a heartening thing though. Just isn’t quite there for me yet. It is going to need that continued love and when it gets it, I will be right there. It has about everything I would want, but not polished enough, some little things like ground interaction get pretty annoying when building structures. Animations and other little effects suck I was running it as well as I could have I think, but it is still a bit of a janky experience at times. To be expected. The survival experience is decent though.

Stephen Goyette

I have a love hate relationship with this game. Disclaimer, yes it’s EA….but honestly it’s a mess. Starting with this video series on cooking….great, I can cook meat or fish….revolutionary! Then fridges, the campfire does that job with out ice….

Outside the video, the new trains. Completely broken, no one can make a network of tracks on officials because it doesn’t follow the ground.

Any one on the fence, I’d say wait and see if this continues to get any love because it’s not ready for the average person.