Check out some of the female character creation options planned for Star Citizen’s 3.5 alpha


As you are all aware by now, women play video games, too. And it’s about time that Star Citizen had its female models ready to go, but let’s not beat that dead horse. It has already been done in other posts. Instead, let’s actually take a look at how the female character creation functions. One of our readers, DK — who is not under NDA thanks to the continuing rollout of the game’s 3.5 test phases — took some time to show us all the options for the female model in Star Citizen in a YouTube video.

The term that keeps popping up when viewing the stills and animation from the previous videos is “femshep.” This video hits that Mass Effect vibe pretty hard too, as you’ll see. However, it’s clear that graphics and options have been heavily updated since that series’ first launch. The options include your standard skin tone and face shapes from other games. At this stage, there isn’t a lot of variety, but the creator does include some options for unnatural eye color. Unfortunately, it’s still lacking in the long-hair varieties, and there is zero variety when it comes to body shape. Although there aren’t even pre-determined choices for body type, we do know that better hair is in the pipeline.

“I don’t know why [the character in the video] has that smirk on her face,” DK told us. “I don’t know if I keep using the same faces, but I generally end up with more or less the same face each time I’ve used it. There’s sliders, right, but it still ends up feeling like the same ‘base’ or something. What I like about the facial expression in the screens is the little creases and wrinkles that look realistic. If that remains the same regardless of facial expression, it would be very dope.”

Take a look for yourself in DK’s video below.

Source: YouTube. Thanks so much, DK!
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