Heroes of the Storm yanks the cash option for lockboxes in its latest test patch


You can buy lockboxes right now in Heroes of the Storm, but with the current patch in testing on the game’s test server, you will no longer be able to do so. Random lockboxes are no longer available for Gems on the test server, but can instead be purchased for Gold, making these rewards purely available as an in-game purchase. There’s no changes made to directly purchasing other items, so it’s just the random box of goodies that looks to be changing.

For those who play the game, there are also other relevant changes in the form of a new event featuring Chromie and serious reworks to Lucio, Lunara, and… Chromie again. (She turns up time after time, it seems.) The lockbox change, though, is significant even to those who do not play the title, as it may be indicative of a larger sea change following increased investigation and legislation related to lockboxes. Or it might be more indicative of HotS being currently half-alive in terms of development. There are multiple possibilities.


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IMHO, Blizzard is fearing that some day down the road they might need to yank paid-for lootboxes from all their titles and is using one of its lower performing titles as a lab for how to proceed while losing the least amount of revenue. If anti-lootbox legislation starts to appear in other EU countries, or in some US states, then expect this change to quickly spread to all the Blizzard games that use paid-for lootboxes.

Bruno Brito

Hum…interesting. The gold changes are a pretty underline that the monetization of the game will take a backseat, it points at a maintenance mode.

But the reworks show a bit more of care.

I’m willing to believe they’re trying to bring up balance changes quickly before the game goes full Heroes of Newerth.


Well, the monetization is being changed to where you can directly purchase skins/mounts/etc. again.

And they have a LOT of them in the game at this point, so while it does maybe hurt their ability to make a potential boatload off of gambling, they do still have enough to where folks will probably have to shell out several hundreds/maybe a few thousand to get all the things.

Also tbh the value of lootboxes for gold will still be… eh. They just aren’t that good in HotS, especially when you can get all ‘white’ rarity items.

Bruno Brito

Yeah, i know. Still a confusing thing to analyze now.