Warframe recounts Mainline updates, adds new Tennogen in time for sixth birthday and approach to 50M players


Warframe’s Remote Observer has provided its usual rundown of updates for players of the action shooter MMO, offering a few words on quality-of-life updates in the Mainline update, details on new Tennogen items, and a briefing on Operation: Buried Debts for console players.

The Mainline update offered a lot of goodies, but there are reportedly some things that players perhaps missed on the QoL side of things if the newsletter is to be believed. Among these updates are a new Mastery Rank, a fix for Redeemer and Redeemer Prime crit issues, and lowered volume for Itzal’s laser-firing drones.

PC players can now enjoy round 15 of Tennogen player-made cosmetics, including seven new ‘Frame skins, four new Operator cosmetics, and a new Sayandana among several other pretties.

Finally, the Operation: Buried Debts content — which is seeing a staggered launch thanks to some bugs — is live. The newsletter gives its typically amusing tidbits of advice on how to take on the content, including confirmation that Thermia is not food. Damn.

In the middle of it all, Digital Extremes announced today that it’s almost hit 50 million registered players, quite an achievement given it’s six years old.

“Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes is humbled and proud to announce today its cooperative online hit Warframe® has reached nearly 50 million registered online users on its sixth anniversary, making 2018 its biggest year of growth to date. To celebrate the occasion, it is giving birthday gifts to all Tenno for free this Wednesday, March 27, including a brand new exclusive Liset (landing craft) Skin, last year’s amazing Dex Excalibur skin, and all its previous anniversary gifts!

“The year 2018 was explosive for Warframe. Digital Extremes’ flagship title saw unprecedented growth as players dug into 111 hotfixes and 26 updates, played Warframe for the first time on Nintendo Switch™, and tuned into TennoLive and our Devstreams in record numbers. As a result, Warframe grew from 38 million registered online users in March 2018 to nearly 50 million in March 2019, its largest yearly registered user growth yet.

“In addition to record breaking signups, Warframe also reached new peaks for daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU) in 2018. TennoLive 2018, Warframe’s annual keynote at its fan convention TennoCon, grew from 16,000 views in 2017 to 413,000 in 2018, a 2,481.25% increase, making Warframe the 14th highest concurrently viewed game on Twitch in 2018 (stats).”

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