Astellia provides a general rundown of its crafting system


It might not burn many barns, but Astellia will indeed have crafting, something the devs feel is an important part of the overall MMORPG experience. In classic MMO fashion, the crafting system in Astellia will allow players to cobble together weapons, armor, and potions.

There will be eight crafting professions and five gathering skills in Astellia, all of them following tried and true vocations with perhaps the exception of Archaeology, which lets players process gathered Relics in to Runes, Star Jewels, and Atra Crystals items that are used by every class. Creation of items is familiar too: Collect the necessary reagents and magically smoosh them together into a thing.

If all of this sounds superfluous in the face of endgame equipment, then perhaps take to heart that the devs seem to indicate that crafted gear seems to be on par with dungeon drops; there are plans after launch to expand crafting in such a way that players can turn crafted gear into “some of the best gear in the game.”

Just what the deuce is Astellia? It’s the latest Westward-bound Korean MMORPG that has not only espoused its virtues as something a bit different but is also not a “smash and grab” export. If you’re passing curious, feel free to take that deep dive into crafting or even check out our exclusive look at how skills work.


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I’m excited for this game.

Melissa McDonald

I’m interested to see how this goes. Crafting is good. The less inscrutable the better.


Seems pretty cookie cutter to me. I’m not seeing anything outside the box, but if it were not in the game it would be missed. I typically pick up gathering/crafting early on, but abandon it when I can buy my own pots and armor.