Closers brings a Task Force upgrade for Wolfgang along with an April Fools’ dungeon

A Lad

Ladies, look at your Wolfgang. Now back to me. Now back at your Wolfgang inĀ Closers, then back to me. Thankfully, he’s not me. And if you use the latest Task Force: Veteranus upgrade available with the game’s latest patch, he’ll be even better than me. He gets a new costume, new abilities, and a new character illustration. What could be better?

Look at your Wolfgang again. Now here! We’re in the game’s April Fools’ dungeon, which is also available in the patch and gives you a new place to explore in the quest for greater rewards. You can get special ridiculous costumes from boxes within. Back at Wolfgang? He’s now got a special leveling event for people who push for the upgrade and unlock the new hotness. Back at the dungeon! It’s pointing you to the game’s store, where there are new items in stock! Anything is possible with the new Wolfgang upgrade patch. I’m writing a post.


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