RuneScape sparks up its Firemaking skill in latest game update


We didn’t start the fire, but that might change with RuneScape’s latest update, which brings a massive overhaul to the game’s Firemaking skill. Realizing that the Firemaking skill was, although utilitarian, not a particularly exciting skill to train up, the folks at Jagex have given it a little extra spice with the addition of incense burners.

The incense burners are used, unsurprisingly, to burn incense, which can be crafted with sticks, ashes, and herbs, with each of the 18 varieties of incense providing its own useful buff. Each stick lasts 10 minutes, but you can burn up to six at a time to increase the buff’s duration and potency. Moreover, at higher Firemaking levels, you can even burn two or three different types of incense at one time.

But that’s not all that’s new for all you twisted firestarters; Jagex has also made some quality-of-life improvements to fire spirits. There’s now an audio cue to announce when a fire spirit spawns as well as a timer that will count down until it despawns. After catching a fire spirit, “the next few logs cut will give extra firemaking XP,” with divine fire spirits providing additional firemaking and divination XP.

Although the Firemaking revamp is by far the largest addition in the latest update, it’s certainly not the only one — there’s also a new slayer resource dungeon, improvements and adjustments to the Nex: Angel of Death boss fight, and a slew of other fixes and changes, all the details of which you can find in the full announcement over on the game’s official site.