Super Adventure Box is live this week in Guild Wars 2 with new racing adventures

When ArenaNet announced last week that Super Adventure Box was returning to Guild Wars 2 this week, it wasn’t entirely clear that new content was coming along with it. It’s live now along with the patch notes, and now it’s clear: The studio’s added some races to the famed April Fools’ Day event (which, yes, doesn’t technically begin until Thursday).

“New adventures have been added to each zone! Look for adventure flags and their racing attendants to embark on a timed coin hunt. Two new achievements have been added to unlock new tool upgrades. Seek out hidden secrets and trade items with the denizens of the Super Adventure Box to earn your way up to the powerful mega bomb and stunning boomerang! A new vendor has been added for the duration of the festival in Rata Sum, trading a limited supply of valuable prizes each week! The inventory will be restocked when weekly rewards reset, so be sure to spend your Bauble Bubbles before 12:30 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) each Monday. New Super Adventure Box–themed guild decorations have been added! Rebuild your guild hall with the daunting cliff faces of Storm Top!”

Guild Wars 2 is also being lavished with a coat of “world polish” today; specifically, there’s been a balancing pass on level 80 reward drops, salvaging, and magic find.

As we’ve previously noted, the Daybreak episode also unlocks for everyone today, so make sure you log in and grab it for free. There’s new stuff in the cash shop too, and of course, the game’s expansions are basically half off right now.

Wanna know what to expect? Here’s MJ’s playthrough from last year.

Source: Patch notes. The original version of this article incorrectly stated that SAB is live today on the 26th. In fact, it’s the 28th.
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This is almost worth reinstalling for. I enjoyed SAB back in the day, pretty much the only thing I enjoyed, and had 100% it, got all the cosmetics, etc. so seeing what they’ve added could be neat.