Adjustments to Synthesis are arriving in Path of Exile patch 3.6.3


Earlier this week, Bree referred to recent life in Path of Exile as “patch city.” That holds true once again today as Grinding Gear Games has put out the notes for patch 3.6.3, which will be introducing a broad swath of changes to the current League.

As often seems to be with updates to Path of Exile, this one appears to be loaded with fixes. Top of the list is word that Place Memories can be returned to your queue or moved in the Memory Nexus. Distant Memories also have a chance to generate when you acquire a Fragmented Memory rather than place one, which should help stop Distant Memories from barring your path through the Memory Void.

The patch will also slightly reduce the rate of decay in a Distant Memory, adjust Synthesis Boss encounter reward drops, and allow Memories placed in the Nexus to carry a total of five Memory Modifiers. To that point, any Memories placed with more than five of these Modifiers will be adjusted to the new cap when patch 3.6.3 deploys. That deployment date is some time this coming Friday, March 29th, New Zealand time.

As alluded to before, there’s more to the patch than just those highlights, so make sure to read up on all the changes.

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