Dragon Nest’s European servers are sunsetting in May


Ah dang, it’s been ages since we’ve talked about Dragon Nest, so I’m sorry this post is gonna be a downer: The game is sunsetting in Europe.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Dragon Nest Europe servers on 15 May 2019, 0600HRS CEST due to the end of our contract with Eyedentity,” publisher Cherry Credits posted on the official site today. It sounds as if the cash shop will be shutting down earlier than that, though, on April 17th, with the social sites due to go dark mid-June.

“You are strongly advised to fully utilize all your remaining DNP before the Cash Shop closure on 17 April. Unused DNP will not be refunded nor converted after the closure of the Cash Shop. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all players for their warm support and enthusiasm since Dragon Nest EU launched in 2016. Your legacy of bravery and vigilance in Althea will always be remembered. May you keep this ferocious fighting spirit with you forever, and may we meet again soon!”

The upside here is that Dragon Nest NA is still running and in fact will see a wee patch tomorrow. It’s not clear whether another publisher will be taking over duties in the EU in the future, but it sure doesn’t seem likely that data will transfer even if that ever happens. In fact, players in the forums have asked about a publisher transfer and the potential to port to the NA branch, similar to the way the SEA hand-off was completed several years ago, but nobody with authority has addressed it as we type this.

As always, big hugs to the players affected.


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Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Aw, that’s a real shame. I love Dragon Nest. I’ve already started over three times at least, due to previous changes of publisher and/or losing my account details. I actually don’t know which version my current account is on.

Do we know if the U.S. version is region locked?

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

from a reddit search – NA server is region locked if you live in an area with a licensed server already. If you live somewhere else like Australia or South America, you should still be able to play.

I saw one person from EU that said they played NA. They stated it was only region locked on Steam, but maybe that has changed now.

I played this a while back expecting it to be crap, but it defied my prejudice and turned out to have some really fun combat.