Fortnite’s latest limited-time mode literally turns the floor into lava

If (MONEY) then do (TAKE) and do (RUN)

Ah, the childhood game of “Floor is Lava.” We’ve all played it at some point in our formative years, mostly because regular hopscotch was astonishingly boring. Fortnite‘s newest limited time mode has brought back the old classic, and I can probably assume that it is also not as boring as hopscotch. Apologies to any hardcore hopscotch fans.

Floor is Lava is pretty self-explanatory, except the actual floor is literally lava — the mode sees the volcano steadily leaking lava all over the map, which means players will have to duke it out to keep the high ground or build structures on the lava for some non-painful foot purchase. To help out with that, players will be given a small number of materials every second.

The newest Fortnite patch has also brought in a poison dart trap, and fruit and veggie consumable items have been added in the form of bananas, peppers, and coconuts, all of which apply different beneficial effects. Of course, there’s the usual suite of adjustments and bug fixes in the patch as well.

Finally, a note regarding the iOS version of the shooter: The voice chat feature is being temporarily disabled to investigate a stability issue. At the time of this writing, there’s no ETA on when this will return, but you’ll want to keep eyes on the game’s Twitter for updates if you’re not already.