Waven enters closed alpha and Wakfu buffs up dungeon Stasis levels


There’s apparently a chronology to the games being kicked out by Ankama Group — a tidbit I had no idea about until I started digging in to this story. Evidently, the company’s games tell the ongoing saga of the world of Twelve, with Dofus being the first in the chronology, then Wakfu, then Waven. This is interesting to note particularly since Waven has reportedly begun its first alpha tests.

One thousand specially selected French players have been duking it out in Waven’s 1v1 combat mode, which seems to be going well if the presser is any indication. Testing is expected to run for a few weeks at least, while the game itself is slated to arrive in 2020. Until then, you can take a look at the game’s swanky new website for some more details.

That’s what’s in the future, though; as for the here and now, Wakfu has kicked out its latest update, which primarily brings greater challenges and rewards to the difficulty slider provided by dungeon Stasis levels, along with new character customization options and some other adjustments.

sources: press release, Wakfu forums

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Without Wakfu being bad, its decent, I always liked Dofus gameplay more. Seemed like I had more things to do and was more eager to play it.

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It was theorized that Wakefu was on the chopping block for low players / poor reception after Ankama started cross promoting new Dufus content in the Wakfu Cartoon instead of actual Wakfu content.