Chronicles of Elyria’s website now allows title transfers, title trade-ins, and package claiming


Those who are invested in Chronicles of Elyria in both the mental and fiscal sense now have a few new options open to them on the developing MMORPG’s website. You can now trade in and transfer titles as well as claim any packages owed to you. On the website, though, not in-game; the current build of the game isn’t live for many testers just yet.

For those unfamiliar, registrants to the Chronicles of Elyria website have an inventory, which houses things that are granted to your account like titles. These titles include things like ownership of different land sizes, cloaks, and heraldry. As of yesterday, those registrants can bundle up these title items and transfer them to one another or trade one in for a lesser title. They can also open up packages in their inventory, provided they meet several requirements. There are a number of steps required to bundle, transfer, and trade titles, as well as rules about how packages work. All of that information can be read on the game’s site.

Chronicles of Elyria was Kickstarted back in 2016; as we covered earlier this month, Soulbound has recently been on a small hiring spree as it continues work on its “Prelyria” pre-alpha client. At the time, it was promising a “very big announcement for the community coming up in the next couple months” in regard to participation in the game.


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Dro Gul

If a tree falls in a forest and there is nobody around does it still make a sound?

And hiring spree of 3 people? LOL

Daniel Miller

I don’t know if I would promote this. It can send a signal that backers are having buyers remorse. Kinda like sota.

Those titles and such were like 500 to 10k. Its been years and will be more before those players get to play what they paid for. Hence, sell package buy something new.


Bueller, Bueller, has anyone seen Bueller?