Final Fantasy XI introduces monthly Records of Eminence objectives with its April update

Contains some monsters.

There’s a lot of stuff to be gotten fromĀ Final Fantasy XI’s Records of Eminence, but a lot of what you’re getting amounts to currency and experience. That doesn’t appear to be the reward structure associated with the new monthly objectives being added to the game with the April version update, though, as the preview specifically states that the points for clearing monthly objectives will accumulate rather than reset. That could mean a new way to earn rewards in the game and give players an entirely new way to experience goals within the title.

Players will also have a new round of Ambuscade foes to take on, of course. And the job adjustment train continues to roll, with Rangers and Corsairs sitting in the hot seat this time around. The update is slated for April 3rd, so players won’t need to wait long to start exploring these monthly objectives for themselves.

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