Aion’s Ereshkigal’s Wrath update brings new raid, dungeon, and skills


The latest Aion update, Ereshkigal’s Wrath, is now live, and with it comes the opening of a brand-new raid, a new dungeon, a new PvP mode, and new skills for every class, plus a veritable smorgasbord of other adjustments and changes.

The star of the show, of course, is the new raid, the Veilenthrone, where big-bad-evil-dragon Ereshkigal has holed herself up, and of course it’s up to players to put a stop to her nefarious plans once and for all. Players who triumph in this herculean task will be handsomely rewarded with legendary or ultimate weapons, armor, wings, and enchantment stones.

And for players who are not yet quite up to the task of facing off against Ereshkigal (or who just don’t have 17 other players handy at the moment), there’s also a new six-player dungeon, Herelym Mine, where the foreman Girad has been “overcome by greed” and turned undead, one of which seems like a slightly larger problem than the other. And for those with a more pugilistic bent, there’s the new 3v3 PvP mode, Illumiel Brawl, where “contestants spar in different Sapien and animal forms.”

And to top it all off, each class has received two new Daevanion skills, and an absolutely staggering number of existing skills have been tweaked, so there are sure to be buffs and nerfs aplenty across the board. If you want to read up on all the changes for yourself, you can find them in detail in the official patch notes.

Source: Patch Notes