EVE Online is offering up to 250,000 free skillpoints for attendance this weekend


EVE Online players, you’re gonna want to log in three times this weekend. Not, like, right in a row. No, you need to time this sucker. That’s because CCP Games is basically handing out free bonus skillpoints this weekend, between 75,000 and 250,000 of the suckers if you manage to log in today, tomorrow, and Sunday.

It depends on whether you’re a subber, see. Alpha accounts will grab 25,000 each day, while omega accounts will earn 25,000 today, 50,000 tomorrow, and 100,000 Sunday.

“These skillpoints will be able to be applied to any character on the account that receives them,” CCP notes. And then that toon can apply the points to the training queue to slowly and incrementally become a more elite capsuleer. Simple. Oh, and conveniently, omega sub time is on sale this weekend too.

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Eve is one of those games I want to love, but can’t get past the super boring gameplay. If I wanted to play spreadsheets online I’d be an accountant.

Castagere Shaikura

I wonder how long they will keep Eve running. It’s not growing in population and players try it and leave all the time.

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Richard de Leon III

Itll depend on how long it takes for the current population to age out and die. Some of those guys wont ever leave the game imo. If they can suffer through the hardcore pvp they can suffer through anything.

Mason Weaver

I think CCP could revitalize the game if they would work on different aspect other than the entire space combat portion. There really isn’t much more they can do in terms of innovation with that aspect of the game. They can basically just pump balance patches and that is about it. If they would work on the avatar gameplay or something of that nature they would start to bring in new players.

Sally Bowls

Keep EVE Running? IMO, decades. Some people are extremely loyal and sandbox means that player interaction is/creates “content.”

Keep some devs on it? quite a while. See above

Call it a cash cow; only a portion of profits from EVE are invested in EVE, the rest funds other, hopefully growing, games? Started several years ago and will continue until shutdown.

Wilhelm Arcturus

They also have a discount going on Omega status, which is essentially subscribing.

That this is coming up just at the end of Q1 2019 makes me think that perhaps CCP has some MAU and subscription goals to meet for Peal Abyss.

Sally Bowls

Yes, owners will tend to have goals for subsidiaries. And that is a very good point that public companies can have end-of-quarter sales. The unique open question is the form of the earnout; what triggers it and who is it paid to. “The $425 million includes both cash and a bonus earnout if certain financial targets are met.


The matter is how many of the things companies broadcast since yersterday will be “April’s Fool!” by sunday