Rend merges servers as new patch introduces control-point revamps


The servers for Norse-flavored survival game Rend are going to be down for a little bit today so that the devs can deploy the latest patch and merge the servers. Following the downtime, Rend’s servers will be merged such that each region (NA West, NA East, EU, RUS, SEA, SA, and AUS) will have one official server for each of the game’s three modes. It’s not exactly a good sign that the game is already downsizing before it’s even left Early Access.

The patch is a pretty major one that introduces a new interactive world map and redesigns the game’s control points. While the initial idea was to have players rely on landmarks like the central Yggdrasil tree to navigate the world, the devs have found that this approach was less than practical, especially for new players trying to find their literal and figurative bearings, so they’re implementing a more traditional map that will highlight major points of interest, faction strongholds, control points, and so on.

In addition, the update also revamps the way control points work. Notably, the reward distribution for control-point conquest rewards has been reworked to “have a weighted chance to drop higher tier artifact rewards.” There are also a number of changes to the capturing mechanics that seem geared to encourage a more back and forth, tug of war-style conflict between factions, as factions can no longer interact with their own control points when the shields are down, and control points now take less time to capture. If you want to check out the full list of additions and changes, you can find them in the patch notes over on the game’s official site.


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