Global Chat: Looking back at 20 years of EverQuest

Global Chat: Looking back at 20 years of EverQuest

EverQuest’s 20th anniversary isn’t going unnoticed and unobserved in the gaming community this month. In fact, several MMO bloggers have raised a glass to toast the long-running title.

Kaozz said it was where she first met her husband: “EverQuest was like nothing I had experienced before, it was a different time and people were different. It really was a wonderful experience. I have many great memories, many annoying memories as well, corpse runs, losing levels and so on. I did meet my husband there 16 years ago, and that is my favorite memory.”

And Bhagpuss is jazzed for all of the anniversary events: “It’s all jolly exciting! Happy Birthday EverQuest. Let’s hope for many more to come!”

GamingSF: Filling a gap with EverQuest II

“The system I’m probably the most familiar with after the Foundry is the Dungeon Maker in Everquest II. As noted before it has quite severe limitations at least where my personal interest is concerned – the need to find the necessary furniture and monster generators separate from the game’s housing system was a layer of collection too many for me. But as a potential player of other people’s missions I wonder what could be done, quickly and cheaply, by Daybreak to make player made dungeons more attractive?”

Going Commando: SWTOR’s free-to-play, seven years in

“This always makes me somewhat defensive when the subject of the free-to-play model comes up, because while I don’t think that all the restrictions are good, people are rarely interested in having an actual discussion on the pros and cons of the system and just want to engage in some good old EA bashing. Which in turn is a completely alien point of view to me as someone who’s been playing the game for over seven years now and has always felt that she’s getting good value for money out of it.”

Z is for Zeriah: Questing in ESO and making sense of nearly five years of content

“As a new player coming into the world it’s been a bit daunting trying to work out the best way to see the content, and do the quests in an order that makes sense. ESO has level scaling which means I can quest anywhere I choose at any level, so I wanted to make a plan to work through the zones and stories in a way so they aren’t a jumbled mess by the end.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: The Division 2 impressions

“As I mentioned earlier, Division 1 was a game without hope, and I think Division 2 more than anything is a game with a lot of hope in it. You seem to no longer be as focused on fighting for the sake of a government, but instead roam around as a free entity helping everyone in your path.”

Mailvatar: Time to buckle some serious swash

“So is the ship worth the time and effort I poured into its construction? Absolutely! Not only was working on it mostly fun and only rarely felt like actual work, the freedom it gives us to explore the ocean and engage in its content without the need to join a guild, which we don’t want to do at the moment, is really great and will undoubtedly enrich our experience playing the game. Would do again.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: Where would a level squish get us?

“In any case, we won’t see a level squish.  It just changes too much for too little benefit.  But I am glad to see they are serious enough about the issue that they would discuss that level of change.  I suspect, in the end, we’ll see focus on making each level in the next expansion seem more meaningful.  But reworking everything… be it 60 or 120 levels… to make each and every one meaningful seems unlikely.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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