Surprise! Chat Wars is apparently still a thing


I suspect when you saw the title of Chat Wars, you responded with either a wave of nostalgia or a headtilt of confusion. Turns out that the text-based MMO playable via Telegram is still very much alive according to reports from several redditors.

According to the original poster, Chat Wars features seven active alliances known as Castles, six different classes, and battles between Castles every eight hours or so. There’s even features like a stock market, PvP arenas, crafting, guilds, espionage and spying — all the good stuff one would find in any sandbox PvP MMORPG. Or, to paraphrase one reply to the OP, it’s a casual MUD.

The original post espouses the sense of community and determination of the game’s devs to run seasonal events even though the Telegram app is banned in Russia. There’s even a reply from one Anime Sex Storm who details each of the seven Castles and gives a briefing on how Castle battles shake down. So now you can say you’ve gotten friendly advice from Anime Sex Storm and be absolutely serious when doing so.


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