Guild Wars 2 is giving away another season four episode, A Bug in the System, starting tomorrow

Guild Wars: Utopia was to feature a unique mounting system in which someone else got on your back and told you to go somewhere.


Week two of ArenaNet’s return to Tyria push in Guild Wars 2 begins tomorrow, and it’s coming with another freebie: the second episode of season four, A Bug in the System, which would’ve been free if you’d logged in when it was the new hotness but is now normally on sale in the cash shop.

Last week, the studio gave away episode one, Daybreak, for free. I just tested this on my daughter’s account; she was still able to get Daybreak today gratis, so that’s still available as of press time. A Bug in the System will be accessible tomorrow, and now it seems this is going to be a thing for all of the episodes of season four, so you should probably just keep logging in every week for your freebie. Make sure you head into the cash shop and get it; it won’t just unlock as during the normal seasons.

Want a recap? MOP Guild Wars 2 columnist Tina Lauro Pollock provided a spoiler-free first impressions and two deep-dives on the episode back in May of last year when it originally launched.

In other Guild Wars 2 news, PvP season 16 is also set to begin tomorrow!


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Bruno Brito

Meh, i don’t care enough to go back anymore.

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Loyal Patron

Thank you, i logged in to claim the episode, but i need to buy Path of Fire, but at least i can test SAB now :-)

Kickstarter Donor

They could give away for free the entire game, all its expansions and I still would not re-activate my GW2 account.