Star Wars Galaxies Legends emulator put out a huge March update trying to fix player cities

Trading melons is considered a compliment in Ithorian culture.


The April Fools’ Day event isn’t the only thing that’s recently gone live in the fan-favorite Star Wars Galaxies emulator known as Legends. While there’s quite a bit of bug-fixing, including powerup normalization and Nightsister Armguard tweaks, plus small changes, like improved crafting droids and space PvP rewards, the big changes in the game’s most recent update are actually for player cities.

A bit of context: One of the problems in old-school Star Wars Galaxies was the fact that it was way too easy to hold a player city with just a few people and almost no cash. That meant that on larger servers, most planets were permanently city-capped, such that nobody else could create a new city, and smaller cities had no chance of expanding in size to pick up higher-end amenities like shuttleports.

Legends is attempting to tweak that system by increasing the number of both players and characters required for cities, as well as hiking the city maintenance fees and increasing the caps on optional city taxes commensurately. Legends is a pretty crowded server already, however, and it’s not entirely clear that these changes will have a dramatic effect – but then, this is just part one of the planned changes for cities.

By the way, here’s a glimpse of today’s event! Not too shabby for a “dead” game.

Source: Patch notes

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I have yet to see an example of open world housing that was worth the headaches. Housing is one of the few currency faucets that work well and yet too many games have fallen prey to the “but mah ‘mmersion” crowd.

On one of FF:XIV’s RP servers, Mateus, all housing zones are completely sold out. When a property opens up, you need a team of folks to spam click the sales board for hours (my guild spent 6-8 for our guild hall).

And what immersion? You might see one or two folks running past but it’s rare that anybody spends time outside unless there’s an organized event which could just as easily been held in a common area attached to an instance portal.

Are there are any cities in Legends that are worth the scarcity? How about the ratio of the ones that bring little or nothing to the community?

I get that reworking how Legends manages housing is probably outside the realm of the possible. But if the server starts to grow adjusting knobs aren’t going to address the issue.


I’m famous! i can see myself in there, so awesome! I didn’t notice last night when they posted it on discord, but i love the screenshot. A moment in time and yet another great gaming memory.

This server knows how to have a good time! Damn good time!

F-OOL was so much fun. Over 200 people WOW! Then the dance party afterward was a blast. I mean think about it, a couple hundred people just having a good time! I’m well over 300 screenshots since i started playing.

All these events, parties, been like this since i joined almost 2 months ago, the only thing i wonder is when do we actually play the game, lol… joking :) There is so much activity. (for a dead game wait wut?)

Anyone on the fence, know this, i was there too; super reluctant, hesitant, apprehensive, and now my only regret is not joining in a LONG LONG LONG freaking TIME AGO!!!

Thanks to all that peer, err i mean, bree pressure i finally caved and yea this is all i play, all i want to play, and the only thing on my radar are my long term plans for my account, my characters, this journey has just begun.

This is a mmorpg in spades. I wouldn’t know where to start or would never finish explaining how nice it is to know what i’m playing every day again.


I don’t play enough and am pretty low level to pay the taxes I imagine people are going to be wanting. There are quite a few dead cities out there though.