Ashes of Creation gets into the nitty-gritty of node operations

Hope springs something

It’s been “node this” and “node that” with Ashes of Creation these past couple of weeks, but with an in-depth Q&A session with the devs late last week, it’s time to hear from the fans.

Obviously with this kind of expansive and unique core system, it’s important to field all of the questions that potential players have about it. There were a lot of interesting queries too, such as what will happen to nodes if two servers are merged together (answer: there are two possible plans for this scenario), how the Underrealm influences nodes (the two realms will influence each other to a degree), if religious nodes can launch crusades (sort of?), and if quests will keep you focused on a single node (nope).

Intrepid said that it’s attempting to hire for 17 additional positions on the project. Next up on Ashes of Creation’s reveal parade is the housing system, so that should draw a few interested tenants to view!

Source: Ashes Post

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