Check out this 4K version of the original Diablo II intro cinematic made with AI


We’re seeing quite a number of HD remasters in video games and retellings of classic movies, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before classic video game cutscenes got a bit of a spit shine. One YouTuber has made it his mission to clean up several classic cutscenes by using a machine learning process.

Meet Marcelus Castle Rain, a YouTuber who has used AI to provide enhanced visual clarity to a large number of classic video game intros. Among these AI-powered updates is the introduction for Diablo II, which has cleaned up the visual fidelity of the old cutscene pretty significantly.

A side-by-side comparison of the original cinematic and the new high-res version can be seen embedded below, and while this post focuses on Diablo II’s intro, it’s worth your time to flip through the playlist to see if the AI HD treatment for your personal favorite was applied. I’m personally a fan of the Ridge Racer Type 4 revamp myself.

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