World of Warcraft Classic is all about old-school spell batching

Take with one hand and give with the other hand.

In the quest to bring back as close to an authentic vanilla era experience as possible, Blizzard is returning a system that players probably forgot even existed: spell batching.

A way to process competing spells and skills in an era of higher latency and slower computers, spell batching would accept these inputs and put them into a stack that would be processed simultaneously. This had the biggest impact on the PvP scene, as players could toss spells that would hit each other at the same time. And it’s this different combat element that Blizzard is seeking to emulate.

“We’ve been working to ensure that in WoW Classic, the gameplay of activating spells and effects will not differ from the experience of playing original WoW,” the studio said on the forums. “For WoW Classic, we’re moving spell casts to a low-priority loop that will cause them to be processed at the frequency that best fits how the game actually played in version 1.12. Two mages will be able to Polymorph each other somewhat reliably, resulting in two sheep nervously pacing around at range.”


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TOEP-ZHC-POM-Pyro … shame they nerfed those godless mages but left alone the stunlocker rogues.


Screenshot is at least Cataclysm, because tree bark texture and crown (texture?) is the one from Cataclysm and up. I also think the grass is too dense and the draw distance is too long to be Vanilla.

It will be so funny if everyone moves to Classic and Retail gets deserted.

Shane Hubble

Yeah… That’s not going to happen. It’s more likely going to be the reverse effect when people realise the grind is 100x worse than retail and you can’t play your chosen spec in raids. IE, cause of debuff limits on bosses and mana problems, you were a holy priest only, you were a resto druid only, warlocks only spammed one spell, paladins spent entire fights just buffing people, and only warrior tanks were viable. etc. Vanilla is garbage by modern gaming standards lol.

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You are surely correct that many will become disillusioned by the old mechanics and restrictions. Some of us though consider the modern standards the actual garbage and are looking forward to returning to that old way of doing things.


All those hundreds of thousands (if we consider many private servers to be unlisted, it could be a million) of disillusioned people that play Vanilla on private servers currently, they really must hate it then?

I can’t imagine, going home after a hard day of work, you turn on the computer, you launch the 1.12.1 client of WoW, connect to the private server of your choice and play the same outdated “garbage” for 15 years, because you hate its guts… Must be tough as hell.


Interesting. I remember seeing at least one angry rant about the fact that this WOULDN’T be the case, so it’s good to see they’ve decided to put the effort into replicating this.

Hikari Kenzaki

Reads the last line.

Reads the article date.

Clicks the source and reads the date.



So it was five days ago it’s not like this is time sensitive material.

Hikari Kenzaki

Re-read what I said remembering that yesterday was April 1st.

If that doesn’t help, maybe just don’t take the comments so seriously.


Not sure why you would think this is a 4/1 joke. The original forum post was not put up on 4/1, but three days prior. Batching was a pretty big thing in V-WoW and players have been asking about it since the official announcement.