Black Desert goes Out of the Woods on PC, adds four classes and PvP modes on Xbox One


If you’re hoping for another update on the botched Black Desert banwave, alas, there hasn’t been one – we’re in exactly the same place we were earlier this week. But both western versions of BDO are seeing fresh content today.

In the PC version of Black Desert, Kakao has patched in the Out of the Woods event, which essentially has players completely a treant spirit’s questline in exchange for special axes. The patch has also tweaked Margoria quests, auto-navigation, and bugfixed several classes.

Over in the Xbox One edition of BDO, content is continuing to play catch-up at a blazing pace; Pearl Abyss has rolled out Node Wars, Conquest Wars, and four classes already familiar to longtime BDO players: the Dark Knight, Lahn, Musa, and Striker.


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