Chronicles of Elyria interviews Soulbound’s CEO and previews combat


Things for the month of March happened in the Chronicles of Elyria that maybe went flying under your radar, which is where the game’s monthly community journal comes in handy. In the March edition of the newsletter, fans of the game get reminded of a look at melee and ranged combat and can get some trivia from Soulbound Studios CEO Jeromy “Caspian” Walsh.

First, the combat: A forum post from the middle of March provided a new glimpse at combat in Chronicles of Elyria for both melee and ranged characters. Particular attention is paid to the feel of combat, especially in regards to camera placement. The post also mentions that the skill rework has provided a “pretty good simulation” of the game’s combat mechanics.

As for the interview with Walsh, most of the questions asked look to be on the personal side of things, including when Chronicles of Elyria was first conceived, to favorite pieces of lore in the game, to details on his personal guppy breeding efforts; he wants to make a guppy that looks like a ladybug and a guppy that looks like a bumblebee. If you’re interested in questions about the game, however, there’s also a Q&A video that can be seen below.

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Susanne Monen

Honestly, you’re surprised that in a personal interview, you find personal details 🤣

You call that reporting on a games progress.😂


Honestly I’m still very interested in this game as designed but I will wait for release before I consider dropping money on it as I don’t have a lot of faith that they will pull it all off.