Closers says hello to Bai April 23


There’s some new content arriving to Closers, which generally translates in to a new character addition to the roster. The upcoming April 23rd update is certainly no exception as the action MMO will introduce Bai Winchester.

Bai ticks off a lot of anime trope boxes in her appearance, including an apparently moody disposition, a presumably tragic backstory, and what looks like a futuristic jian style sword called the Ice Blade. She also is described as a Cryomancer, so there’s obviously a lot of frigid attacks at her command, as described in the official blurb:

“Imbued with power (and burden), Bai Winchester is the newest member of the Wildhüter. Using devastating ice-based attacks, this mysterious Closer will stop at nothing to protect those that need it.”

There’s not much else to tell about Bai right now, but further information is set to be revealed on the Closers website starting next week. We also can confirm that those who want to reserve a name for their Bai alt can do so starting Tuesday, April 9th, and her arrival to the game will bring along a number of free goodies and mini-events. For now, have a trailer.

source: press release

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This title kinda reads like:

“Closers says hello to Bye April 23” xD