Mobile dinosaur sandbox MMORPG Durango opens pre-registration


It’s no launch date, but that date must be close: Durango, the mobile sandbox MMORPG that’s not exactly full of sand but instead is full of jungle and dinosaurs, has begun to take in pre-registration applications ahead of its worldwide release.

Those who want to pull their numbered ticket to get in to the game can do so either on the Google Play store or the official Durango website. Those who do so will be getting some free goodies when the title launches, including 300 Warp Gems (whatever those are) and a box loaded with cosmetic items and a striped Compsognathus dinosaur.

For those perhaps unfamiliar, Durango styles itself as a “persistently-evolving open world” where players must band together to survive. Activities in-game include crafting, farming, gathering, taming wild dinosaurs, and presumably being eaten by wild dinosaurs. The game had previously set a launch date of May 2018, but has been continuously rolled back for a release to our shores even though it’s been in the hands of Korean and SEA players for years now.

If you’re curious about just what might be in store for you in the world of Durango, be sure to check out our hands-on time with the game.

source: press release
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Being mobile is enough for me to say no. Too bad cause I like the theme


“We are honored to announce the release of Durango: Wild Lands to players in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines!”

Those regions are already playing, and as far as I know they’re on the Global server already. So when US players get it launched, they aren’t going into a new untouched world with fair access at trying to register the names they want and the same access to find a place to set up camp.

You can’t side load it this time either. Normally when games do these cheesy limited area releases on the same Global server that the US will be on, you at least can side load it and get in with them. Not this time. You’re IP blocked if you try.

I’m about sick of these limited region releases where they get to play for months before we get put on their same server, where my favorite names are usually taken by level 1 players from a different country who created the name and then quit to never come back.

If it was fair and we all got in at around the same time and had equal access to create our names, that would be a different story, if someone else gets names I like and have used all my gaming life first in that instance fair is fair and I don’t complain. But this crap they do on mobile titles all the time where they let in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, etc for months first before they put os on the same servers, that isn’t fair at all. It makes me not want to play or spend money on the games if they can’t give us equal chances.

This is a land grab game as well. Sure you can always find an area to set up camp, but letting other regions in first on the Global server in a land grab game, so we get what is left over once it’s released to us? Yikes. Great call Nexon.