Red Dead Online is blowing up with its new showdown mode, Up in Smoke


Coming hot off the heels of last month’s Spoils of War and Target Race game modes is a brand-new showdown game mode for Red Dead Online, Up in Smoke, which was added to the game’s sort-of-but-not-really beta in its latest update. In the same way that Spoils of War put a wild-west twist on capture the flag, Up in Smoke puts a frontier-flavored spin on the traditional bomb-assault gametype.

In each Up in Smoke match, all players start out with an explosive package that must be carried into the enemy’s base and detonated, destroying part of the enemy camp. The first team to plant and detonate all of their explosives and reduce the enemy’s camp to rubble and splinters will emerge victorious.

On top of the new game mode, this week players can also look forward to a big, fat 30% XP boost on all ability cards, making it even easier to increase their tier levels so you get the most out of the cards you’re dealt. And of course, as always, there are a few new additions to the Wheeler, Rawon and Co. Catalogue. For all the details on Up in Smoke and the week’s XP bonus event, you can check out the full announcement on the game’s official site.

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Mr Poolaty

It’s selling on Amazon for $35… Kinda hit the shit…

John D'Onofrio

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Who cares, RD:O is dead.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh my, I saw “Up In Smoke” and was like “Cheech and Chong are involved in this?” 🤣

(Having a sore throat can make one think odd things)