Respawn says it’s working on the bug that wiped Apex Legends accounts this afternoon


I’m sure everybody reading here has a horror story of somehow seeing an account wiped, but I can’t remember the last time it happened to quite so many people in such a huge online game.

Players of EA’s Apex Legends are the latest to log into the horror of a blank account following a minor patch today that appears to have gone very much awry. It’s not entirely clear just how many accounts are affected, but based on Reddit, it looks like a lot.

“We are aware and looking into the issue with accounts losing their progress after the update today. Will provide update ASAP,” Respawn tweeted. “Until the issue has been resolved we recommend players do not buy or craft anything. We’ll continue to provide updates, along with an ETA, as information comes in.”

Source: Reddit. Cheers, Siphaed!
Respawn says it’s fixed now. It sounds like the problem was some characters were simply ported to the wrong server, which caused those affected accounts to look as if they’d lost all progression. Everything’s since been restored. If there’s going to be compensation of some sort, it hasn’t been mentioned as of 5 p.m. EDT Wednesday as we’re updating this post.

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I don’t play this game so I’m not affected, but I give them a hearty salute for being completely clear about exactly what went wrong and what was done to fix it. It’s a small thing but it’s the kind of thing I always appreciate from a dev.


“I said .19, not .90!”


Well, it sounds like anyone affected had their account was restored. Good news.

Now, the post mortem.

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This got me thinking, closet thing to my swl was Minecraft. My boys were playing minecraft before anyone even knew what the f it was. I paid Persson direct euros which was like 7 bucks, my boys are like Dad! Dad! we have to have this game, heck i didn’t know what it was, i was so reluctant but paid Markus anyway, and they disappeared, for all knew this guy could be ripping people off, was nothing on the internet about Minecraft or this guy?

Anyway short story short i was a legend among the children in the neighborhood as i hosted a server for my boys and their friends and setup private voice server for them all. Parents liked that as they didn’t have to worry about freaks in chit and the kids were all having the time of their lives,this is when you had to set up the server, firewalls ect on your own, heck i even played with them, it was so cool oh shit, right, to the point…

This was all before creative mode too, you know the mode that killed minecraft, not really but really to me. Anyway we would prep for deep long cave exploring, torches and all the supplies we would need, we would spend days prepping so we could go deep and stay as long as possible.

We are very deep working our way around some lava, got into a wondrous open cave area and started mining, one boy got a diamond and anyone who played back then that was like winning the lottery. The other boy 2 diamond OMFG jackpot! me nothing although did score some other rares, then he got another, he had 3 diamonds we are freaking out and then he goes and shares it with his brother awwwwwww, so they both had 2.

SO… time to head back up, i’m concerned now as we have a long way home lots of treacherous winding caves in chit, lava, creepers, cliffs and i’d hate this to end up one of them losing their diamonds or worse both. So lets be safe here and let dad carry them home for you. Oh you know it, i slipped and fell in lava, the feeling of that shit is gone for realz, and with them standing above me looking down at me in the lava and i’m looking up at them omfg ouch!!! all with the collective NOOOOOOOOO.

Well swl was close to that.

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Had that experience in swl, the time, the effort and all of it team work to boot, all the love poured into into getting my toon highly tweaked to a literal killing machine, HEY! and looking smoking hot too; it is the sw after all, well to log in to a naked level 1 one day umm yea, i know the feeling.

To this day i still feel that was the beginning of the end of that game for me, i game to relax, not to be extremely stressed out like that i tell ya, it was also because lets be real we mastered the game and with no new challenges on the horizon… i grabbed my ball and went home.

Although the fix was to simply zone to london i just can’t explain how stressful? that was, i dunno wasn’t pleasant at all, it’s sinking feeling, and i feel for those peeps, OUCH!

Indigo Salma

I really hope they can do a rollback.
Dedicating time and loosing it after such a long while is really bad.