TERA’s Reloaded update slams into consoles


It’s not quite an expansion, but TERA’s Reloaded update for consoles is being welcomed with the same kind of pomp and circumstance by En Masse.

And why shouldn’t it? The update, which arrived yesterday for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, overhauls several key systems, adds the Elin Gunner class, introduces Guardian Legion scenarios, hauls out a new endgame gear progression system, and brings back a whopping 13 dungeons. To encourage players to get in there and try out a new character, En Masse is handing out leveling packages at certain intervals from 3 to 65.

If that isn’t enough free goodies, then head over to Twitch Prime to start gathering up the first of four gift packs that are rolling out over the next few months. The current pack grants an exclusive ultra-violent armor, seven days of elite status, and a free character slot. This promotion also includes goodies for Closers and Breach, in case you play those as well!

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Still glad to see this game going somewhat strong. Still would love a permanent legacy server as I miss the days when the game was still subscriptions based. One of my favorite leveling experiences ever.


/Fear the Elin…


Shiver me timbers!

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Jack Pipsam

It’s only really worth playing via the Xbox One X imo, I tried playing it on my day-one Xbox One and boy it needs the extra horsepower to not run like complete trash.
I mean the PC version can also run like trash with with the horrific lack of 64-bit optimisation, so I guess they’re kin there.

Still, I’ll give En Masse props for constantly updating the console version, I hope it truly is working out for them. TERA really can be a lot of fun, for the couple months I had played the PC version as my main game, I really had a blast with it. Although the lag from Australia hurts TERA far more than it does a lot of other games with its more action-focus.