Dauntless lays out its future plans with its new interactive roadmap


The Shattered Isles of Dauntless are constantly expanding with the addition of new features, new activities, and of course new, terrifying behemoths, and now, with the unveiling of the game’s interactive roadmap, players can explore all the new content that’s coming down the pipeline for Phoenix Labs’s monster-hunting MMO. Some of the features on the list are things that have already been announced, like the One Dauntless crossplay project, or that have already been implemented, like the season 3 hunt pass, which kicked off last month.

There are, however, a bunch of other juicy morsels that either haven’t been previously announced or just haven’t been extensively discussed, and some of them are pretty darn huge. For instance, the game’s campaign is getting a complete overhaul that will see the campaign quests restructured to provide Slayers with “a smooth progression from the Sheltered Frontier to the lands beyond,” and gear upgrade paths will likewise be reworked so that rather than being split into normal and heroic paths, the normal path will flow into the heroic one, providing a more natural gear progression curve.

And on the customization front, the devs are working on more ways to allow players to personalize their playstyles with the addition of weapon mods and swappable special attacks. That’s just a sample of what’s to come for Dauntless, but if you want to learn more about what the game’s future holds, you can check out the new interactive roadmap on the game’s official site.

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