Final Fantasy XI makes Rangers faster and adds new monthly objectives

Pictured: Love.

Rangers are just faster with the newest version update for Final Fantasy XI. They don’t move faster, but with Velocity Shot down to a 60 second recast and Scavenge lowered to the same point, they’ll be doing more stuff. Sharpshot has also been increased to improve ranged accuracy as well, while Corsairs have seen the effects of Light Shot and Dark Shot altered as part of an overall buff to the Dia and Bio spell lines.

You can bring your ranged damage dealer out to play as a tool to complete the new monthly objectives added to Records of Eminence; these objectives will rotate every month with the version update (quelle surprise) and each one awards 10 Deeds of Heroism, which can be traded in for an assortment of rewards from the A.M.A.N. representatives in major cities. So that should prove to be a nice diversion for everyone playing the game, and we can only imagine what rewards might arrive in the future.

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