Fortnite updates competitive play fans on the state of competitive development

Sure, great, whatever.

Tournaments are generally rather straightforward affairs in which people compete, someone wins, and then everyone goes home. But why can’t you have a warm-up tournament? The open cup forĀ Fortnite starts on April 13th, but if you want to see where you’re at and get some real practice ahead of time, the World Cup Warmup will start on April 6th and give players one last shot at… well, practicing for their actual shots. It also gives you a good reason to turn on two-factor authentication for your account, if it’s not there already.

The competitive development rundown also identifies a few other areas of specific focus. Aspect ratios for competitive play will be locked at 16:9 as a way of handling any wonky playing about with resolutions and field of view. Performance upgrades are also on the way, as are adjustments to the way that queues work for Arena matches at higher levels of play. Check out the full development rundown to get a sense of where the game is heading next.

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