Indie sandbox MMO Fractured will finally enter alpha one this month


Indie sandbox MMO Fractured is moving another step down the development line: It’s just announced the start of its alpha next week.

“The first testing phase, labeled Alpha 1 – Test 1, is starting on Wednesday, April 10, at 4pm CET (10am ET), and is expected to last for one week. As you know, this is the very first public test of the game, coming 8 months after our Kickstarter campaign. While we apologize for being a little behind schedule, we believe it’s still a good time frame for an MMO project – particularly one developed by an 8-people team!”

To get into the test at this stage, you’ll need to have purchased a Knight pack – that’s about $168 US. Cheaper packs, of course, will get you into some of the future phases. Dynamight Studios does warn that a lot of core systems are missing from the game at this stage – including the skill-learning system, political systems, parties, guilds, monster loot, trading – so just be warned this is a true early test. On the other hand, there’s no NDA, so the team isn’t hiding from criticism.

Fractured was funded for $130,000 on Kickstarter last summer. Its alpha was originally slated for 2018 but was delayed back in November as the game entered pre-alpha instead. The title also had a bit of a scare back in January thanks to the spat between Unity and SpatialOS, but the company has since confirmed that it’s still working with both. It’s a pretty complicated sandbox and an ambitious endeavor for a small team; we’ve previously covered its astronomy, horizontal leveling, races, and anti-grind/anti-forced-PvP philosophy.

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