SMITE’s Darkness Falls update buffs new player experience, reworks assault map


It’s lights out in SMITE as its Darkness Falls update has gone live, bringing with it some changes to the new player experience, a new — and slightly reworked — assault map, a host of god balance adjustments, and of course a whole slew of shiny new skins. Newcomers to the game should now have a slightly easier time finding their footing thanks to changes to the new player experience, which allows players to receive XP, favor, BP, and worshiper rewards by completing co-op matches, albeit at a reduced rate compared to normal competitive matches.

The assault map has also been updated. In the wake of Ragnarok, Asgard has been completely transformed, bringing an entirely new art set to the map. On top of that, it’s received a few mechanical changes as well: The cost to reroll your god in the lobby has been reduced to 25 gems or 125 favor, towers have received a slight nerf to their physical power, and a new objective has been added in the form of Vital Orbs, which provide health, mana, and a movement speed buff when picked up. And to top it all off, fourteen gods have received a variety of balance adjustments, the full details of which are too extensive to summarize here. But if you want to read all about them — and take a look at all the new skins added in the update while you’re at it — you can check out the patch notes over on the game’s official site.

Source: Patch Notes
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