Final Fantasy XIV outlines its patch and information plans leading up to Shadowbringers

Warping shadow.

We sincerely doubt that any Final Fantasy XIV fans need to be reminded that Shadowbringers releases on July 2nd, with early access beginning on June 28th. No doubt you’ve already done the prep work required (especially gauging by how many Aetheryte Earrings you see in the game). But there is more stuff coming out between now and the expansion release, starting with the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV collaboration event that kicks off on April 16th. It’s all right there in the digest of the last Letter from the Producer, now fully translated and summarized after the final fan festival in March.

Players can expect the World Visit feature to go live when the American data center split occurs on April 23rd, with one final patch going live in mid-May for a last few adjustments. May is also when a new system change overview will be released, as well as the month of the benchmark release (complete with character creation) and a planned media event to preview the new jobs and job changes. So you’ve still got some 80-odd days to wait until the expansion release, but there’s a stream of content planned before the release date just the same.

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