The Division 2’s Invasion: Battle for D.C. is live with the new stronghold and world tier


The Division 2’s first big thing has arrived today with the formal launch of Invasion: Battle for D.C., which is live for all regions now, complete with the Tidal Basin stronghold, new gear drops and exotic weapons, heroic difficulty, the new Fort McNair PvP map, UI tweaks, bug fixes, and of course, the promised weekly invasions.

“The Tidal Basin Update is the first big Evolution of The Division 2. It will unlock the highest World Tier at launch – World Tier 5 – the last of the four Strongholds that form the Endgame-Campaign and it will also add the Heroic Difficulty. With the Weekly Invasion, it will add a new activity to the pool, that basically allows you repeat the Endgame-Campaign in mini-format and this also paves the way to the first Raid Operation Dark Hours.”

Earlier this week, our own Not So Massively columnist delivered his impressions of the game. Check out the launch trailer!

Source: Reddit

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The game is so messy though. I mean, trash -everywhere-. Not a single faction seems to care about cleaning up, it’s like visiting my bachelor pad in college, times a million. No matter how elite they are, they sleep on a mound of pizza cartons and used hypodermic syringes.

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My guildies and I are playing this game and are loving it. It’s the perfect game to goof around in with your buddies and not feel like you are missing out on story exposition because you are in comms and can’t listen to the game stuff. It’s great for that because the story is so dumb.


This needs to be the new model for these type of game launches.

There has to be some serious content at launch.

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Man, this update looks solid. Game launches in a pretty good state and they’re quickly coming out with meaty looking content updates? What is this, I’m not used to this!